Boost growth and ensure strategic execution

Integrate strategies for your company while improving the performance of your team with agile technologies and methodologies together on one simple yet effective platform.

Create your Strategic Plan.

Ensure the execution of strategies, set goals, track key indicators, monitor action items, and more on our LuxTeams platform.

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Manage your Projects and Tasks.

Organize your projects, set deadlines, track time, and more. With LuxTeams, you can easily view the activities of all your projects in one place and set priorities so that nothing gets left behind.


Organize your Meetings

Schedule, organize, and follow up on all team meetings. LuxTeams helps you maintain notes and action items from each meeting to keep continuity until all matters are complete.


Manage Sales (CRM).

Manage pipelines and easily view the status of each sale. See the steps for every opportunity and make better decisions with the right information organized.


A unique management platform that will make your team much more productive

Find out what LuxTeams can do for you and your company.


"Every company I've worked with could benefit from Teams software in many areas. After on-boarding and familiarizing with Team software, I can't imagine working another way. I recommend Teams to almost everyone I work with."

Jacob Fenuccio
CEO - Fractal Solutions

I've seen many projects, I've done feasibility studies for startups, many things in and out of Brazil, but none with this integrated vision, nobody did anything like it. This is fantastic!

Luiza Alyne Menezes
Finance Executive

"Once people tell their friends about Teams, they'll realize how awesome this really is."

Nathaniel Fisher
Designer at Adobe