Why do I need TEAMS?

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Why do I need an integrated tool to control my TASKS?

Every day the complexity of business and the cost of our time increases. It’s important that we always strive to increase the productivity of ourselves and our team. Organization and discipline are indispensable to keep everything at a good pace. That is why you will need TEAMS.

In the last few years, a lot of tools and software have come up to help us organize our work.

In the 80’s, a new generation of software, called ERP’s (Integrated Management Systems), came out, making it possible to launch a purchase note only once, but at the same time have all the postings of stock, accounts payable, cash flow, etc. generated at the same time. A REVOLUTION!

In regards to tasks, we are still very behind. Typically people treat strategic planning as something separate, controlling the action plan in spreadsheets, powerpoint slides, or systems that deal only with planning. If we want to truly manage projects, we must use software that manages projects. The same thing happens with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to track the sales process from lead generation to the close of the sale.

For organization, follow-up, and documentation of meetings, the situation is even more complicated. Most companies use text editors, spreadsheets and even paper, but no tools to make meetings more productive and effective.

Imagine the following situation: Someone has scheduled a task for you in CRM software, such as a visit to a client. At the same time you are planning tasks to be carried out, other projects are in progress with tasks assigned to you, and there were meetings that took place under your responsibility. How is it productive to go into separate software to check your separate tasks for all of this? It’s unnecessary complication and it’s why many companies don’t use separate tools to organize their tasks.

With this problem in mind, we set out to create Teams, an integrated tool that organizes and helps prioritize your tasks together on one platform. With Teams it’s easier to plan and track the execution of all company tasks, with more organization, less stress, and increased productivity.

What are the advantages of managing my MEETINGS in an integrated tool such as TEAMS?

The world is divided between those who like meetings and those who do not. Over the years we have heard many people complain about meetings, saying they are often a waste of time. Meetings can be very boring and a waste of time if poorly conducted and poorly delegated.

To conduct productive meetings it is necessary to:

  • Ensure that meetings are on the agenda of participants
  • Record attendance of participants
  • Be clear about the issues to discuss
  • Prioritize discussions
  • Control the meeting time
  • Review the issues of the previous meeting
  • Analyze the progress of goals
  • View Performance Indicators
  • Create tasks and delegate
  • Document the meeting

With Teams, your meetings will be more productive and participants will have more clarity about what to do after each meeting. Even better, with all the tasks in one place, their execution becomes much easier and more efficient.

Why do I need TEAMS to manage my PROJECTS and my TEAM?

Project management is very modern and topical, but it’s very annoying to keep up with project tasks if they’re from all different sources. There are many project management software solutions. Some are very good, but too complex. Others have a very technical approach. With Teams we have been able to combine a simple, results-oriented, and integrated approach to all task types. This allows a project to be tied to all planned and unplanned items.

This vision of simplicity, integration, and clarity of management makes the use of project management much more effective. In some companies, it‘s necessary to manage the time spent by each member on each task of a project. With Teams, we can easily log and track time to manage the entire team.

Why use the CRM of a Strategic Management platform?

CRM integrated into the same platform reinforces the concept of having everything in one place and facilitates the generation of sales indicators in real time.

For example, we can analyze a sales dashboard in Teams with:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Conversion rates
  • Presentations made
  • Bids submitted
  • Businesses closed

The quality and speed of this information makes all the difference, not to mention the cost of generating this information. Having everything on the same Teams software and platform lowers the costs and complexities while allowing your team to do its best work.

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